Our idea

We decided to use the skill of our talented Italian artisans to build, at an affordable price, something specially dedicated to the Great Muslim Religion. Thus, we started from a solid piece of Sterling Silver and designed a series of rings that bear, in relief, some of the most enlightening words ever revealed to mankind. They are able to show the way, soothe the sorrows and inspire the soul of everyone. Wearing one of those rings, feeling the energy that emanates from them helps us to never forget the values of faith, of courage and compassion that should guide the path of every wise Person on Earth

The words

We designed three different rings: the first one bears The Seal of the Prophethood  that reads “Wherever you go you will be Victorious”.  On the second ring shines the Islamic “Shahada” and on the third one we carved the Sourat 112 “Al-‘Ikhlas” excerpted from the Sacred Qur’An. Our rings are individually hand made in 22 Karat 925 Sterling Silver making use of a proprietary technique that reproduces the unique elegance of the Arabic alphabet with utmost accuracy, down to the smallest detail.

Badge design and color

We chose decorations of classical Arabic design with an hand-painted colored background. After extensive experimenting with many different types of paint, we finally chose a top quality 850°C (1500°F) oven-vitrified enamel made in Germany. It is highly durable and it is available in a wide range of colors. Upon request, we can manufacture the badges with customer-supplied decoration design (limitations apply).


Each ring bears in its inner side the Monreale Jewels of Italy™ logo and the 925 Sterling Silver EU mandatory markings, together with its unique serial number. For a small fee we can laser-engrave in the inner side of our rings any custom marking, logo, phrase or name.

Width, weight and sizes

The rings come in two different widths: 12mm (.47″) and 14mm (.55″) in order to best accomodate the Phrases. The average ring weight is approximately 15 grs ( .53 Oz) and it varies with ring width and fingers’ size (diameter).  Available sizes are:

IT: 17-33  USA: 8-14   UK: Q-3   FRA: 57-73

Worldwide warranty

Lighted box (optional)

Our philosophy

We traditionally manufacture high end jewelry for important customers in five continents. Each piece is handcrafted to the highest qualitative standards because it is intended to be worn by  the most demanding and sophisticated people. Our philosophy, however, is to always utilize the same skill, passion and meticulous finishing also in the manufacturing of our simplest and most affordable pieces.

The craftsmen

Our Master Goldsmiths are considered among Italy’s best artisans. The manufacturing of our jewels is made with the most modern and up-to-date equipment but we know that no machine or computer can replace the hand, eye and judgement of the artist. This way, the story of every piece that is born here is unique and this is the secret that puts magic,  passion and beauty in our artisanal products